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We’re a producer and exporter of Rice from Russia: LONG GRAIN RICE, ROUND GRAIN RICE and RICE FLOURS.

Our Black rice and Crimson rice are tasty superfoods, crumbly and good for risotto. They’ve a excessive antioxidant content material.

Our Brown rice is unpolished, good for well being. Unpolished rice could be germinated. It retains a most of vitamins.

We manufacture completely different types of White rice: sticky and crumbly for pilaf.

We now have created over 20 new types of rice. We’re the main firm in Russia in creating new rice varieties. We develop rice on fertile soils within the South of Russia and use 2-3 occasions fewer fertilizers, than the principle rice-growing nations. That makes our rice more healthy.

Our main enterprise is Meals – import-export and WHOLESALE OF RICE. Nonetheless, we additionally deal in retail.

We export completely different RICE FLOURS manufactured from Black rice, Crimson rice, White rice and Brown rice. Rice flour can be utilized in a gluten-free food regimen. Black and crimson rice flours are wealthy in antioxidants and make your bakery superfood.

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