Engineering Services

GST Service Tariff Code Heading no. 9983

Other professional, technical and business services

GST Service Code 9833

Engineering services


                GST service code number 998331  Engineering advisory services

                HSN GST  number 998332  Engineering service for building projects

                GST service code 998333  Engineering service for industrial and manufacturing projects

                GST service number 998334  Engineering service for transportation projects

                GST code 998335  Engineering service for power projects

                GST service code number 998336  Engineering service for telecommunications and broadcasting projects

                HSN GST  number 998337  Engineering service for waste management projects (hazardous and non-hazardous), for water, sewerage and drainage projects.

                GST service code 998338  Engineering service for other projects NEC

                GST service number 998339  Project management service for construction projects

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