Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services include hospital services and other health services. SEPC’s mandate is for Healthcare services including services by Nurses, Physiotherapist and Paramedical Personnel. General Agreement of Trade in Services (GATS) covers four Modes of delivery of services in cross–border trade. In healthcare sector, typically, the export of services can happen in following four modes of services as under:

Cross Border Services (Mode 1)Shipment of samples, diagnosis, clinical consultation via traditional mail channels, Electronic delivery of health services like Telemedicine, tele-surgery, tele-diagnostic services; medical back office services, medical transcription services and online medical education services.
Consumption abroad (Mode 2)Medical tourism for super specialty medical services and alternative systems of healthcare.
Commercial Presence (Mode 3)Establishment of super specialty hospitals and clinics, diagnostic and treatment centre in collaboration between domestic and foreign health service providers, health insurance services and hospital management services.
Movement of natural persons (Mode 4)Services of doctors, surgeons, nurses and midwives in foreign countries.

Sub Services Of Healthcare

  • Hospital Services
  • Services by Nurses, Physiotherapists and Paramedical Personel
  • Other Human Health Services
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