Restricted Export & Import License

How we Help OUR CLIENTS for getting Import License for Restricted items?

What Is Import License ?

When an exporter wants to trade in foreign goods, he needs authorization from proper authority i.e. DGFT. When DGFT approves exporter such license it is known as Import License. Import licenses are considered to be non-tax barriers to traders when used as a way to discriminate against another country’s goods in order to protect a domestic industry from foreign competition. All goods, import of which is permitted only with an Authorization / Permission / License or in accordance with the import procedure prescribed in a notification/public notice are ‘Restricted’ goods.

How Import Licenses are Beneficial For You?

When a person is granted an Import license for restricted items he shall have many benefits like export benefits, exemptions, and deductions, the applicability of incentive schemes, tax benefits, etc.

Our Services Import Licenses in India:

Our Company will check the goods you are dealing with are specified in the restricted list issued by DGFT. If the products are not mentioned then, we will guide and help you in the remaining import procedure.

Following is the import license procedure:

a) We shall check your eligibility.

b) We shall submit your application

c) We will take follow-up of your application

d) If there is any deficiency reported by the department, then we will represent your case.

e)We will also make sure that all your import licence requirements are fulfilled within time.

Why Choose Us For Import Licence for restricted Items?

Work will be done in very less period. Compared to other firms our fees are low. We have an expert team with more than 30 years of experience in import export. We have professional skills in preparation and representation of case. We have a huge client base from all the sectors. The most important thing for getting things done as per import licence requirements is that we have good and strong relations with the concerned department.

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